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Why Prague?

People often ask us why we decided to move to Prague. We can’t answer it better than to simply say that Prague has always felt like home. Why should that be? We don’t know. Neither of us have any connection to the city or its culture. No Czech ancestry on either side. And yet, from the first day we ever visited Prague, we felt drawn to be here.

We have traveled extensively. All 48 contiguous U.S. states, all of the Canadian provinces except the Maritimes. We were born in the U.S. and lived there well into adulthood until we moved to England and lived there for six years. In those years, one or both of us spent 20-100 nights per year “on the road” for business or pleasure across 17 European countries. Prague was our favorite city. Each time we came here we found ways to stay longer. We eventually just moved here.

We are both freelancers working from home so we can live anywhere in the world where we have access to the Internet. So faced with the question of we can live anywhere in the world, where would we like to be, the answer was clear to us: Prague.

There is something magical about Prague. Every city moves in its own way. It’s difficult to put into words how Prague moves, but it moves in a light and refined manner. It certainly doesn’t hurt that Prague is an amazingly beautiful city. Everywhere you look you see amazing architecture surrounding streets that range from quaint alleyways to broad boulevards.


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