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Cold Defiance

The Czech Republic, having successfully controlled the Corona virus, has begun the process of reopening stores, restaurants, and other public spaces. Food (potraviny) and drug stores (lekarny in the Czech Republic) have always remained open. Today, restaurants and pubs could begin serving food and drinks at outdoor tables. Our adopted …

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The Czech Republic and the Coronavirus Epidemic

Praise where praise is due. This goes well beyond politics. Actually, this is where partisan politics stops and the good of human beings is what matters. The Czech Republic has handled the Coronavirus epidemic extraordinarily well. We must say we are very surprised. The president and prime minister are oligarchs …

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Midnight Rain in Prague

A video taken shortly after midnight from my office window. A simple Prague street under a light summer rain shower.

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Is Our Surreal Work-From-Home Life Now Less Surreal or More Surreal?

We keep hearing about how much life has changed for everyone in the Covid-19 pandemic. We don’t doubt this is true for many, many people and we sympathize with their wrenching struggles to adapt. Their lives have become surreal. But despite the virus, despite (most likely) even having had the …

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