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Normal House 6 – Prague

Sixth in our series of beautiful, but normal for Prague, houses throughout Prague. This time focusing on some of the ornate decorations on houses in eastern Vinohrady.

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A Lost Year?

A year ago the Czech government announced they would be enacting restrictions to control the Covid pandemic. Their swift and decisive actions led to one of the lowest rates of infections and deaths in Europe. We had a very good summer until the government failed to act as swiftly and …

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Prague Snow Storm

Another view from my office. Worked late enough to catch a brief snow squall. Had one flash of lightning with a thunder clap.

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Normal House 3 – Prague

Third in our series of how beautiful are the houses throughout Prague. Normal House 2 Normal House 1

As developers built Prague in the 19th and 20th centuries, they often built a whole block at one time, either across two or all four sides of a city block. All of the building had loads of character and charm, but the most elaborate flourishes were built into corner buildings. Here are two corner buildings in Bubenec, north of the Prague Castle.

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